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There is no getting around being STUCK in athletics! Regardless of the role you’re in. Athletes, coaches and parents are in a constant state of STUCKEDNESS throughout their entire career! Challenge is that if YOU ARE NOT STUCK then you are not progressing forward! Everyone involved in athletics should advance to a place that they ABSOLUTELY NEED COACHING!

After listening to a colleague of mine talk about how dedicated everyone in the Pittsburgh Pirates organization (Athletes – Coaches – Administration) was to LEARNING SOMETHING NEW EVERYDAY TO GET BETTER – I knew exactly what I needed to do – Launch the 7SecondCoach Solution Center! It is designed to solve as many challenges as possible for coaches, sport parents and athletes at all levels!

Coaches at every level to get the information they need to address areas that they feel need to be improved. Whether it’s a high school coach needing to get more efficient in practice or a youth coach who needs a strategy for better communication or a college coach looking to implement a new recruiting system – it’s all here.

Parents have the unique opportunity to get the RIGHT information from a 30 year veteran coach on recruiting, athlete development, playing time, team selection and many other topics. The information is not perspective or educated guessing on what it should be like or what someone was hoping it would be like. You no longer have to accept subjective information from someone who you THINK MAY POSSIBLE HAVE A GOOD IDEA about what you should do with your childs athletic career!

Athletes can get information on how to direct their career straight from the horses mouth. Athletes finally have a place that the information is clear, concise and on point to help them advance their athletic career and make it to the next level!



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Find your role and level – select the program that best fits your needs & start getting UNSTUCK TODAY!!!