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The Hay Is In The Barn

I don’t post very often on Fridays because everyone has a lot going on – like us. But as we get ready to head out this morning to our National Qualifier it struck me that we have been using the phrase The Hay Is In The Barn this[…]

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The Coaching Investment That You Can’t Miss

The challenge that most coaches are facing is that they have refused to accept that change has occurred without their permission. The entire time they were doing things the “Old School Way” they forgot to look out the window and see that the landscape changed right before their[…]

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The REAL Job of Every Coach

On a recent recruiting trip I was speaking with a group of coaches who asked me a question — “how do we get the best athletes out and when they do come out, how do we keep them out?” I asked them a question a question before I[…]

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