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Recruiting Strategy & Execution

The Digital Recruiting Toolkit offers coaches solutions to the biggest challenges in college recruiting. Delivered digitally to allow you to advance your recruiting program on your terms!

  • Online College Recruiting Seminar
  • Recruiting Messages & Calendars
  • Hi-Performance Recruiting Funnels
  • New Recruit On-Boarding System
  • Slingshot Recruiting System
  • The Perfect Athlete Profile
  • Much Much More

Slingshot Recruiting System

Simply the most exciting opportunity to create a REAL system around your recruiting efforts. A step by step program that uses the power of the LAUNCH built into a relationship building program! You will own your own recruiting system that uses your voice to create excitement and engagement with your prospects and their parents. Every 90 days you will SLINGSHOT past your competition!

Interactive Recruit Conversion System

Learn how to find the right athletes by using engaging digital products that give you the information you need to determine FIT for your program. You will get a simple and easy to follow flow chart on how to engage > re-engage & eventually sign or drop athletes in your funnel! No more wasting time on athletes that don’t FIT or aren’t interested!

Hi-Performance Recruiting Funnels

Only coaches who have had to recruit to keep their job understand the job of college recruiting. It’s easy to tell people what to say or when to do things but if you’ve never done it you have NO IDEA how hard it really is!
That is why it is so important to put together a recruiting process that is a Hi-PERFORMANCE System instead of one that just functions.
Our job security, our family’s stability and our reputation as a coach that can develop a winning program, depends on having a recruiting system that CONVERTS!

If you want a Hi-Performance Recruiting Funnel  GET  The 7 Step System for Creating A Killer College Recruiting Funnel

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