The 7SP – Building Great Athletic Relationships



This video delivers the concepts that will transform your perspective on how build the BEST RELATIONSHIPS & ATHLETIC ENVIRONMENT possible with your athlete and their coach-which is what a 7SecondParent is!

It is easy to get caught up in the excitement and intensity of your child’s athletic experiences. It is also very paternal to want to keep them safe and guard them from pain and disappointment. Unfortunately – it is these two very real emotional positions that often DESTROY the athletic experience and environment rather than build it up!

We are swamped with athletic highlights everyday on TV or our computers and smartphones, giving us the perception that “We Can Do This!” The TRUTH is that building the right athletic environment is very hard to do when you are deeply connected to the athlete, team or coach.

The Appropriate Athletic Environment Can Make or Break Your Athlete

Learning how to create the least amount of stress and put your athlete in the best position to realize their full potential is the key to athletic greatness! The vast majority of parents have never been elite level athletes and are moving forward from a position of love and half knowledge! This video will provide you with the concepts to understand how to be the BEST Sports Parent for your athlete!