The 10 Pt Turnaround – DCP


Taking on the responsibility of turning a losing program into a winning program is one of the most difficult jobs you will ever accept! The coach that does choose to take on that challenge needs a path or a program that navigates them through the appropriate steps to turn the program around. This is not a process that we learned as athletes or as coaches, it’s only one you learn On When you learn how to do this you will give the athletes the opportunity for absolute success and have a skill that will last you a lifetime.



The 10 Point Turnaround Program is THE definitive guide that provides directs your efforts and narrows your focus on to the right actions in order to be successful at turning a program around.

You will learn what you need to do before you accept the position all the way through getting the team into the post-season. This is not the same as any other job that you will take on – if you don’t have a definitive guide for you and your coaches to follow the task is almost insurmountable. This detailed program will provide you a game plan to be successful at the hardest job in sports – The Program Turnaround!

The DCP service level provides you with 2 Check Points per phase of the program. That allows you to go through the program guide and workbook while allowing for Q&A for any parts of the program that you would like to discuss with Coach Brandt. You will be able to read and complete all of the workbook activities and have Coach Brandt available to talk through strategy and interpretation. During these check points it is highly recommended to cover  implementation and execution. 95% of all coaches start or upgrade to the DCP Service level.