Real Talk on Recruiting



This course is designed for athletes, parents and coaches that are interested in getting the correct information regarding the college recruiting process. This one course alone could save you THOUSANDS of dollars a year!

We will cover all aspects of this process so that as parents and you can assist your athlete in navigating this confusing journey. We will discuss the right playing level, finances, FIT, the recruiting calendar and most importantly whether your a prospect or a recruit.

As a current college coach and the National Recruiting Coordinator for Tudor Collegiate Strategies, I work with college coaches, high school coaches and prospective student-athletes involved in various stages of the search for the right program every day. The biggest challenge is the amount if MIS-information that parents, athletes and coaches receive. The bad information often makes it difficult for athletes to find the best academic and athletic situation. We will cut through the fog and clear the air for a safe and simple journey!

The Most Important Word Is???

If there is anything that you get from this program is must be that the word “scholarship” is the LEAST important factor in finding the right college. Finding the right FIT and what FIT means is absolutely the most important aspect of this program. Focus on learning about FIT and everything else will fall into place.

I have reduced the price to just 77.00 (I have been charging 199.99) as my way of thanking you for educating yourself on the Real Talk on Recruiting. By understanding this information you will save time, money, effort, energy and potentially heartache! Coaches will LOVE that you understand the process and that will put you at the top of their list!