Online College Recruiting Seminar


After multiple requests from college Athletic Directors across the country – We Did It! We built The Online College Recruiting Seminar for athletic departments across the country! So many AD’s wanted to have an expert in the field of recruiting work with their coaches but the speaking fee and the travel costs and the lodging expenses were only reasonable if ALL OF THE COACHES could be there! Well – we know that NEVER happens so 7SecondCoach stayed true to our mission and created the Online College Recruiting Seminar so every coach in the athletic department could attend the seminar on their schedule, gain the knowledge they need to advance their program and go through a comprehensive program that has the benefit of putting outside eyes inside their program – all from the comfort of their coaching office!



The Online College Recruiting Seminar covers everything you need to address in your recruiting program to supercharge your current and future recruiting classes. The Seminar Includes:

  1. Introduction
  2. Branding
  3. The Right Athlete
  4. Millennial & I-Generation Recruiting
  5. 7 Absolutes & 7 Mistakes
  6. 22 Month Messaging Plan
  7. Recruit Retention & Persistence
  8. Getting Recruits on Campus
  9. Coaches staff meeting wrap-up webinar.

Get your recruiting program on track with 7SecondCoach – a Real Coach who gets Real Results because he’s Actually Done What He Coaches!