The New Recruit Onboarding System


Does this sound familiar: You spend months on end working on a recruit and their family, calling, texting, emailing and maybe even doing home & school visits and you end up getting the commitment! The deposit and actually show up on campus! And then about mid semester they come to you and say that they are leaving at semester! You ask a bunch off questions but it is too late – their mind is already made up!



This is a very common problem because as coaches we have so much on our plate that we forget that the most critical time for our new recruits is the first half of their first semester! They are away from family, friends and familiar surroundings and if they don’t connect right away you lose them!

The NEW-Recruit Onboarding System removes that problem from your plate. You get an easy to implement system that engages your new recruits on many levels into the most interesting and important aspects of your campus and your program!

This is a program you don’t want to miss out on!