Learn To Lead – An Athletic Leadership Course



Learn to Lead is a comprehensive Athletic Leadership Course. The reality is that athletes are TECHNICIANS until they are taught how to be leaders. If being the best athlete was all it took to be an effective leader we wouldn’t have the problems in athletics that we have today!! This video series is built with REAL information from a REAL former high school and college Team Captain who is a REAL college coach and a former high school coach and athletic director.

The information in this program is laser focused on what it takes to be an effective leader in an athletic setting. You will have a blueprint of strategies, concepts, ideas and solutions on how to avoid the pitfalls and overcome challenges that are faced on a daily basis.

Whose Using This Leadership Program Nationally?

Athletic Directors and coaches across the nation are requiring their athletes to complete this program and turn in the certificate of completion in order to be a Team Captain. Student-athletes that are educated in leadership concepts and strategies don’t just strengthen their teams but the entire community. Completing this course will provide a lifetime of invaluable skills that will constantly pay dividends in whatever endeavor the athlete chooses.

I have reduced the price to just 77.00 (I have been charging 199.99) as my way of thanking you for being dedicated to becoming a true leader of people! Being an athlete is entirely different than leading athletes. Coaches want and need leaders and I thank you for becoming one!