Interactive Recruit Conversion System



This is an online course that delivers step-by-step instruction on how to use the Interactive Recruit Conversion System to connect with Millennials and I-Generation recruits. You get a simple to follow Flow Chart to walk you through every step and the technology on engaging and re-engaging the athletes you identify as a FIT and draw into your funnel. You will learn the 8 Step Marketing System that will FILL your funnel and then FILTER your funnel placing laser focused athletes for your program directly on your doorstep!

1) Use the same proven marketing techniques and principles that Mega Companies use to get & keep their customers
2) Implement a system that reduces your workload and automates your workflow
3) Meet Millennial and I-Generation athletes where they’re at using technology to connect with them
4) Build relationships faster & stronger by using interactive techniques that resonate with the younger generations
6) 2.5 Hours of  Video based instructional modules on streamlining and systematizing your recruiting processes
7) Schedule 2 Virtual Coaches Meetings with Coach Brandt to Onboard this system into your program

The Interactive Recruit Conversion System is designed to create an Unstoppable Recruiting Machine for you and your program!  Remember – these generations are immersed in digital communication and it is critical that we have a plan to meet them where they are at! Any coach who understands how to connect with these two generations has found their competitive edge!

At the end of this program you will have a real recruiting SYSTEM that you can use for the rest of your coaching career.

This program will walk you through the 3 Critical Laws of Program Growth and Improvement:

  • Increasing the number of the recruits you sign
  • Increasing the talent of the recruits you sign
  • Increasing the retention of the recruits you sign

If you are interested in not doing just ONE of those things, but ALL of them

the Interactive Recruit Conversion System is exactly what you’ve been looking for!