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Interactive Recruit Conversion System | 7 Second Coach

Interactive Recruit Conversion System


A decade ago the research in the marketing space on Millennials and the I-Generation pointed to the NEED to use a diverse range of technology to increase engagement to build stronger relationships faster. With this in mind, I developed the Interactive Recruit Conversion System. There could not be a better time to start a new recruiting system or overhaul what you’re currently doing. Every tool in this system is directed at creating Better Connections with Millennials and the I-Generation athletes & parents.



If you are looking too:

  • Supercharge your ability to connect with Millennials & the I-Generation
  • REDUCE your Recruiting Expenses to EXPAND your Budget
  • Fill your funnel every single year with the RIGHT prospects
  • Increase the conversion of Prospects > Recruits > Signed Letters of Intent
  • Systematize your recruiting process
  • Improve your athlete retention rates
  • Increase your athlete graduation rates

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