Hi-Performance Season in a Year


A complete coaching education program that will create the best environment, relationships and competitive output that you have ever had as a coach!


There has never been anything for coaches like the Hi-Performance Season in a Year before! This is an ELITE LEVEL coaching performance enhancement program that will change the trajectory of your career as a coach and the career path of every athlete you encounter once you have completed this program. There is hi-level content that will separate you from your competition immediately by getting the absolute most out of each and every athlete in your program!

You will eliminate inconsistent performances, improve athlete buy-in, decrease competitive stress and regain the passion for coaching that we all had when we started! You will learn a system of cues & triggers inside of your team language to reduce switch cost which increases knowledge gain which builds athletic confidence and allows for greater peak performances on a more consistent basis by more of your athletes & once the program is built it will require less effort on your part to keep the train rolling!

The Hi-Performance Season in a Year is the Ultimate Coaching Competitive Advantage! If you want more wins and less stress you are in the right place at the right time! Take control of your coaching career and your athletes competitive future by becoming the most effective and efficient coach you possibly can become!