Building The Best Athletic Environment for your Child



The 7SecondCoach Solution Center provides you with cutting edge information on the 10 Most Important Factors In Building The Best Athletic Environment For Your Child. This video series will SUPERCHARGE the relationship you have with your athlete, their coaches and the game itself.

You will have the knowledge to help navigate your athlete through the rising rapids of athletics. This video series will give you and your athlete the best possible opportunity to achieve the desired end results that you both have in athletics!

You will be taken through a Video Series that has been viewed over 35,000 times nationally that has changed the direction of not only hundreds of athletes careers but thousands of athletes and parents relationships!

Darren Mclure said: “This program saved my relationship with my daughter AND made me a better sports parent and coach! I would have paid 500.00 for this program!”
Wayne Schieffer said: “I hated coaching because it was killing my relationship with my son – everything has changed because of this video series! My son is competing at a level I never knew who could reach!”
Casie Rodish said: “I am a professional athlete, mom & coach – I never imagined I would learn SO MUCH from this video series! It is a must watch for any sports parent!”

I have reduced the price to just 77.00 (I have been charging 199.99) as my way of thanking you for being dedicated to building a positive athletic environment for your athlete, your athletes coaches and your personal relationship with your athlete!