7SecondOnboarding System



It is common knowledge that the first semester for a new student on campus will set their entire entire college experience on a path of success or failure.

HOPING that all of the new student-athletes arrive and assimilate on their own is a pipe dream that has your programs longevity at stake.

As coaches we create a game plan or process for everything we do but to often we leave one of the most important aspects of success to chance: THE START OF THE FIRST YEAR OF COLLEGE!

The student-athlete Freshman year of college is often the very first time these athletes have ever been on their own and had the opportunity to make their own choices based on what they want, like or think they should be doing!

Now coaches have a DONE FOR YOU Onboarding System that will:

  • Improve comfortability
  • Increase engagement
  • Build athletic trust
  • Instill program alignment
  • Create stronger connections
  • Open better lines of communication
  • Improve Retention

Ensure your student-athletes success for their ENTIRE college experience by making sure they start off on the right foot!