7SecondCoach Performance Lab



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Being a member of the 7SecondCoach Performance Lab puts you right next to a REAL coach who becomes your personal mentor! You will be able to communicate and learn from a coach that is in the trenches doing the things that matter to you and your athlete. That means NO MORE GUESSING! You will receive proven techniques & tactics that have worked for building individual High School State Champions, High School Team State Champions and Collegiate All-Americans over the past 30 years!

Coach Brandt also spent 18 years in the public school system as a teacher, coach and athletic director. His understanding of parent communication, coaches performance and responsibility and athlete development is unmatched! He will deliver ideas, concepts and solutions to every athletically based challenge, concern or issue that you could possibly encounter!

The 7SecondCoach Performance Lab has the content, courses and solutions to positively impact the athletic environment for your athlete to reach every goal they have every set for themselves. You will have access each and every month to:

– Educational Video Series
– Hot Topic Presentations
– Relevant Podcasts
– Actual Onsite Seminars
– Live Webinars

All of this and more for the important issues that face parents, coaches and athletes on a daily basis! If you have been looking for a place to get REAL ANSWERS that are tried – true & proven to work you have found it in the 7SecondCoach Performance Lab!