7SecondCoach Manifesto



The 7SecondCoach Manifesto is a public statement of the philosophy and values that we believe will make the sport experience positive and appropriate for the athlete.

As the leaders of the athletic environment we have to take a stand and return sport to its original purpose of building character, teaching honesty and integrity as well as rewarding work ethic and good decision making! We have lost our way by rewarding any behavior that produces WINS but then judging those that fail later in life because of the lessons taught early in life. We can no longer dismiss the impact that parents and coaches have on the athletes lives as we teach them that talent trumps character!

The 7SecondCoach Manifesto is a starting point for all adults that interact with kids in an athletic environment. This document will need to be adjusted for your age group and your value system – but keep in mind that the goal is to provide every athlete with an experience that lifts them up and moves them forward!

Thank You & Remember: Be 100% – 100% of the Time!