24 Month Recruiting Calendar & Training Manual


The one thing I hear is “what do I talk about to my recruits about for 2 or 3 years?” I am sure that has crossed your mind as well – right. So I documented what I spoke to my recruits about over my college coaching career and laid out a 2 year communication calendar that is the definitive GUIDE for building your own personal 24 month recruiting plan. I have also included a training manual on digital communication implementation, messaging (subject lines, texts, etc..) and templates to make building your annual recruiting plan even easier!



You will get 24 Monthly Themes that you can customize to fit you and your program. You will get 104 weekly templates that you can customize to fit you and your program. All of this is packaged to provide an easy to follow program that reduces your time spent on recruiting, decreases the resources you spend on recruiting and increases your ability to fill your funnel with the right athletes ultimately getting the RIGHT ones to come out on the other end and sign with your program.

I have also built into the calendar a system for early signing.