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About Project

I was contacted by the Head Women’s Track & Field coach at Glendale Community College to discuss the challenges he was having with regards to recruiting to his program. He was faced with some some very unique limitations that he had to adhere to set forth by the Community College. The truth is that these limitations were not only very real but extremely constricting and we had to develop some extremely aggressive communication and contact plans to overcome these challenges.

Project Info


    I held multiple virtual meetings with coach Leggett to determine exactly what the challenges were with regard to recruiting, his program and his staff. Following these meetings we determined a coaching staff meeting would be appropriate to double check our findings and ensure that we were getting buy-in with the direction we had landed on.

    In that coaches meeting it was determined that it would be beneficial to also bring me to their campus for an On-Site Coaches Recruiting Seminar as well as a motivational seminar for the entire men’s & women’s track & field team.

    Our Solution

    First we had to create a messaging platform that highlighted the “WHY” and the “HOW” for the female recruits that he was able to contact. This was critical because he was limited to regional recruits, had limited scholarships and no on-campus housing options. Secondly we had to implement an entire recruiting system because he only had 1 part-time paid assistant coach and there could be ZERO wasted effort or energy. Without a complete system that covered all aspects there would be to many opportunities for mistakes. And finally we implemented adjustments in duties and responsibilities for the paid and volunteer staff in order to create a better timeshare for recruiting.

    The Result

    Coach Leggett had the three best recruiting classes of his tenure at GCC. He was able to get enough talent to coach multiple ALL- American athletes resulting in offers to compete at 4 year institutions on scholarship. The recruiting went so well that coach Leggett got multiple offers to coach at 4 year universities and colleges including DI offers.

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