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Newton High School Volleyball

About Project

I was contacted by the Athletic Director at Newton High School regarding my hi-performance on site seminars. The Head Volleyball coach requested that he try and find a speaker to deliver a motivational team building seminar that they could build off of in the last portion of the season. We agreed that I would deliver the Athletic Mindfulness 1/2 day seminar.

Project Info


    I met with the head volleyball coach remotely to discuss what she felt the challenges were that her volleyball team was facing to make sure that we were delivering the appropriate seminar.

    She discussed mental toughness, finishing strong and focus as the main points of emphasis. We discussed the Athletic Mindfulness seminar and we agreed that this would be the right program for her team.

    Our Solution

    We discussed four main components of athletic success as they related to Athletic Mindfulness. After each topic we did a team building activity to reinforce the message and the connection it had to teamwork.

    These activities created a flurry of emotion and immediate reactions that were visible to every girl on the team. The resulting discussion became deeper and more meaningful causing the team to realize the strength they had in unity!

    The Result

    The team played in a tournament that weekend and Won the Championship! The following Tuesday I attended the match that they played against the #1 team in the state. The Newton Volleyball team was 5 games under .500 at the time and lost by 2, 3 & 2 points.

    Coach Carter came to me after the game and said “I have never seen them play like that I could seriously cry that was so awesome – thank you!” Assistant coach VanderVelden said “I sure wish we would have done this at the start of the year – these last two weeks have been unreal!”

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