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The 7SecondCoach Performance Lab is designed to keep you (athlete, parent & coach) on the cutting edge of career and game changing information! You won’t find another place with more insight, innovation and information from coaches that are actually in the trenches dealing with the issues you deal with everyday!

We have a simple formula for your success: REAL COACHES = NO GUESSING!

Primary Membership – 7.00

This Membership is a great place to start developing your new Information Game Plan! This subscription will give any athlete, parent or coach that wants to take a deeper dive into learning the concepts, strategies and solutions that will build championship athletes & teams!  The content in this membership level will increase your practice efficiency, drive your athletes confidence and improve your production in competition!
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Standard Membership – 17.00

This Membership is for coaches, athletes and parents that are looking for proven concepts, strategies and solutions that can be put into action immediately and GET RESULTS! This membership is directed at increasing efficiency, improving productivity and enhancing communication between athletes, parents and coaches. You will have access to no-nonsense information that will guide your development as a professional coach, stakeholder in the athletes career, development of all athletes and the growth of your program.
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Professional Membership – 27.00

This Membership level has EVERYTHING! Whether you’re a parent trying to help your athlete or a coach trying to turn a program around or an athlete trying to get recruited – This Is Where You Find It! You will have access to more CHAMPIONSHIP CONTENT then you could ever use! This is a no-nonsense, honest, results oriented, content driven membership – strictly for those who want THE BEST PERFORMANCE AT ALL TIMES!
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