Seminars & Workshops

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7 SecondCoach Seminars

When you bring coach Brandt to your campus you will get a high energy, funny and no-nonsense presentation that provides IMMEDIATELY actionable solutions! You will join the thousands of other athletes and coaches that went straight to practice and saw huge dividends get paid by Bringing Coach Brandt to Campus!

Coach Brandt has delivered hundreds of seminars nationally and has many many more. Coach Brandt will also build a custom seminar to meet the unique needs of your program, athletes and community.

7 Pillars To Coaching Mastery

This is a self-exploration journey on how to find the keys to unlock the cages that we get into as coaches! This might be the most important trip you have ever taken!

The Next Miunute

A new concept that teaches athletes and coaches that the most important thing that they need to focus on to reach their end result is “The Choice They Will Make In The Next Minute!”

The New Mental Toughness

We have UPGRADED just about everything we possibly can to new operating systems except our concept of Mental Toughness! The kids of today want to win and want to achieve but they simply connect and relate differently than kids of yesteryear! When coaches get their athletes to focus on the right things at the right time for the right amount of time – They Get Mentally Tough Athletes!!

Athletic Mindfulness:

Teaching your athletes how to stay in the moment to reduce competitive stress and compete at their highest capacity

Be – Do – Have

Implementing the deep process of how to achieve everything you have ever wanted! This is a deep dive into changing perspective, vision and attitude!

7 Critical Skills For Program Development

There are 7 absolutes when it comes to building a program for long term success. These are skills that coaches must have in their gym bag every single day!

Mistake Management

There is no doubt that this is one of the most important topics that a coach can cover! Understanding the positive impact of how to manage the culture surrounding mistakes couldn’t be more important!


Greatness Requires Intense Training! People don’t magically become great, it requires years of training and development! This program starts the ball rolling down the hill!

Recruiting Survival Guide

The entire process of recruiting is broken down for athletes, parents and coaches. You will get an inside look from a Real Coach that has been on every side of this issue. Coach Brandt sent kids to college from his own programs, recruited high schools kids to his college program, teaches coaches how to be elite recruiters and has children that have been and are being recruited – you won’t get that kind of insight ANYWHERE else!

The Effective Sport Parent

If your goal as a parents is to help your athlete get to the next level there are some key behaviors that you need to learn and implement to give your athlete the best opportunity to reach that goal!

Athletic Bullying Awareness & Intervention

As coaches, athletes and parents we can have a hard time distinguishing between tough and too much! The athletic environment has been hijacked by competing forces – one that says get the most out of the athletes and win or else and the other is you better be nice or I’ll tell on you! We have to come together on what is appropriate and what isn’t or nothing will ever get done!

Buy-In: It’s As Simple As 1-2-3 /

Hundreds More!

Contact coach Brandt if you have a need for a seminar but don’t see it listed! His library of seminars and presentations is massive and I guarantee that if you don’t see – he will still have it! If he doesn’t he will build a custom seminar at no additional cost![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]