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The ultimate membership site for athletes, parents, high school and college coaches that are looking for solutions to the challenges they face on a daily basis. Play time, positional issues, motivation, communication, practice efficiency, teaching and learning, retention of techniques, recruiting – you name it we have a membership level for you!

7SecondCoach is dedicated to providing content to advance your skills, knowledge, techniques, strategies and ultimately the PERFORMANCE of everyone associated with your program. You will have access to the proven techniques & tactics that have produced high school state champions, high school state championship teams, Nationally Ranked Collegiate Teams and Collegiate All-American Athletes for the past 30 years! If you are involved in athletics you will find concepts, ideas, techniques, strategies and solutions to the challenges that you face on a daily basis. Everything is actionable content ready for immediate use!

The goal at 7SecondCoach is to provide the RIGHT information that has been PROVEN to work with athletes at the elite levels of sport. Understand that coach Brandt is a REAL coach with REAL credentials that has REAL experience building Championship Athletes and Programs! You don’t have to try and piece together information from YouTube videos or try and figure out what a coach meant on TV any more! Each month you will find more content in each one of the membership levels to assist you and your athletes in reaching every goal you have ever set for yourselves!

Select the right membership for you, your athletes or your team & reach your Performance Goals!

College Coaches


Get Your College Recruiting Information from a REAL COLLEGE coach that has REALLY RECRUITED athletes into their REAL COLLEGE PROGRAM!

This Membership level is dedicated to providing massive amounts of content on EVERYTHING RECRUITING! You will see complete systems that will walk you through implementation to individual programs to single solutions to single problems. The goal of this membership is to give you absolute control over your recruiting efforts by providing you with information on recruiting concepts, messaging, creating calendars and much much more. You will have access to seminars, workbooks, E-Books, Podcasts, presentations and more – all directed at improving your recruiting results!

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Youth & High School Coaches


This Membership is for coaches that are looking for proven concepts, strategies and solutions that can be put into action immediately and GET RESULTS! This membership is directed at increasing efficiency, improving productivity and enhancing communication between athletes, parents and assistant coaches. You will have access to no-nonsense information that will guide your development as a professional coach, stakeholder in the athletes career, development of all athletes and the growth of your program.

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Find the information that will drive you to be the Very Best Athlete You Can Imagine! You will have all of the information you will ever need to learn about leadership, skill development, recruiting, attitude, imagery and so much more. If you want to KNOW that you are getting the right information about the important topics that you will face as an athlete then this is the membership you have GOT TO HAVE! You will finally have the competitive advantage over your opponents that you have been looking for!

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Have you ever wondered what you can do as a parent to HELP your athlete achieve all of their athletic dreams? Have you asked yourself – “is the the best thing that I can be doing for my child to help them be the very best athlete possible?” Those are great questions and there are many many more questions that you need to ask and get answers to so that you can REALLY HELP YOUR ATHLETE! Get the RIGHT answers from a REAL coach that is ACTUALLY COACHING & RECRUITING athletes just your child EVERY SINGLE DAY! Don’t make the mistake of GUESSING – that always ends up BAD! The best way to help your athlete is to ALWAYS have the RIGHT information at the RIGHT time so you can make the RIGHT decision! Make no mistake about it – you can only get that information from a REAL COACH who knows the RIGHT INFORMATION!

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