Recruiting Systems & Programs

Automated College Recruiting Messaging System

The ONLY AUTOMATED Rectuiting System Out There! Everything that CAN & SHOULD be “automated” is! This is LIFE CHANGING!

The College Recruiting TRUST Formula

TRUST IS RECRUITING! The faster you earn it the quicker they sign! Use Social & Communication Science to win this battle!

College Recruiting Hi-Conversion Funnel System

Funnels Are Your Friend! Maximize yoru recruiting efforts by focusing on the right athletes at teh right time! Thats wehat funnels do!

College Recruiting Remote Campus Visit

Don’t Wing The Final Step of the recruiting process! Increase commitments by doing Incredible Campus Visits from your Office!

College Recruiting Messages That Work

Nobody will have the passion that you have for your program – so you must keep your voice in your message!

Parables to Prospects for College Recruiting

Tell your story the right way to connect & get more commitments from your propsects!

Online Recruiting Seminar

Get a 3-Day 8 Module Seminar that covers everything you need to build out your own customized annual recruiting program 

Perfect Athlete Profile

A systematic way to identify and secure the athletes that FIT your Program the Best! This is crucial in increasing retention & graduation rates!

Convert-In - The Secret to Growing Your Program

No matter what you’ve been told – the #1 most important issue in College Recrtuiting is CONVERSION!

Convert-Up - The Secret to Dynasty Building

Your athletes need to see & feel success to stay in your program. Build the system that does that consistently!

24 Month Recruiting Calendar & Training Manual

A Step-By-Step guide on how to build out a 48 month recruiting system using your own voice!

The College Recruiting Negotiation Call Sheet

Learn to ask questions and probe for answers like a PRO! The Winner of the Recruiting game is an Expert at this!

Program OnBoarding for New College Recruits

Keeping your new recrtuits is every bit as important as signing them! Using a systmatic onboarding process boosts $ camaraderie!

College Recruiting Message Segmentation

Knowing what to say, when to say it and who to say it to is the difference between good college recruiters and GREAT college recruiters!

The College Recruiting Slingshot System

One of the MOST POWERFUL systems on the planet! Using the power of the LAUNCH you create massive momentum & Slingshot Past Your Rivals!

The Interactive College Recruit Conversion System

A Step-By-Step guide to implement the 7 Step Recruiting System to increase roster size & retention without adding Hoursto your day!


I have implemented Coach Brandts rectuiting tactics for years and have grown my program in size and quality. Because he has coached & recruited at the collegiate level I knew 7SecondCoach would be a great resource & it’s been oustanding!

Tyreece Gilder

“I’ve known Coach Brandt for a long time and he is one of the best coaches I’ve come across. When he launched 7SecondCoach I knew I could learn some new stuff. As a Hall of Fame inductee I can tell you that you want to use the strategeis from 7SecondCoach & Coach Brandt – you won’t regret it!”

Randy Steward

“Coach Brandt made a HUGE difference in my program from both a coaching and a recruiting standpoint. With his techniques and tactics I grew the program in both numbers and quality of athletes. He helped move us forward FAST! If you can work with Coach Brandt or use his programs DO IT!”

Nate Hansen

There is Only Better or Worse

Forward or Backward

There is Never Maintain


You know that your competition is working to get better so you need to keep pace and there is NO BETTER time than RIGHT NOW to get Started!

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