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As a college coach if your program isn’t where you thought it would be I’m sure you realize that it can be traced back in large part to recruiting – because of that – It’s A Great Day To Be You! 23 years ago I realized something when I got my first college coaching position – there is nothing like something NEW to SLINGSHOT your program into MOMENTUM! I learned that when I was announced as a NEW assistant coach to a very good program. A simple thing like promoting a new young coach was on staff infused energy and excitement into our recruiting class for the next few years SLINGSHOTTING us back into the TOP 10! That’s when I started using Promotions every few months to build excitement, anticipation, engagement and most importantly MOMENTUM into our recruiting program! In today’s world it’s just like when Apple Launches a new IPhone or computer – the lines are insane & the buzz is deafening & the MOMENTUM can’t be stopped! I am going to show you how to build momentum every 90 days, use a direct messaging system and get your recruits more engaged than ever! When that happens you will Slingshot right past your competition!