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Before you can get the right athlete into your program you need to clearly identify WHO you you are, WHO your program is and then WHO your IDEAL or perfect Athlete is! By determining the characteristics and attributes of you as a coach, your program and your IDEAL athlete, you can laser focus your staffs recruiting efforts to find & sign THE PERFECT ATHLETES!

The two biggest question are: 1) How do I figure that out? 2) Is there an efficient way to do that?

The answer is YES and YES! Everything at 7SecondCoach is designed to be more efficient and productive so that your time can be spent on what you do best – COACHING! As you develop the Perfect Athlete Profile you will figure out that there are repeating types of athletes that migrate into your program based on you, your location, your coaching style and other factors we will define. By identifying that “DNA” you can drill everything down (where to get your athletes, the message etc…) to more effectively engage them so you can build a better relationship than the “Other guys” – with the “RIGHT GUYS!”

At the end of this program you will be amazed at how easy it is to fill your roster with impact athletes that love to be in your program!