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It’s Finally HERE!!! After so many requests to create an Online College Recruiting Seminar that coaches could engage in ON THEIR SCHEDULE – It is here! The 7SecondCoach Online College Recruiting Seminar allows Athletic Directors to WISELY spend their money on a program that will IMPROVE recruiting but allow EVERY coach to get ALL of the information! The #1 challenge for any athletic department, even for weekly meetings, is being able to get coaches all of the coaches in 1 place at the same time – NOW YOU DON’T HAVE TOO! Get REAL recruiting insights from a REAL coach who has had REAL success as a college coach and recruiter as well as a National Recruiting Coordinator for one of the top College Recruiting Companies in the country. The biggest benefit is that all of the content is cutting edge and has ACTUALLY been used successfully – not just theory! The 7SecondCoach Online College Recruiting Seminar delivers what no other program can – the Real World Coaching Insight that you need to build out an effective recruiting program! For instance: thinking that FIT is the driving force for the Millennial and I-Generations – you would not know that the decision making factors have changed significantly unless your out in the homes of recruits! I am looking forward to you Learning Digitally while we set-up an analog meeting to work together (you’ll see what I mean once you dog into the program)!