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This Interactive Recruit Conversion System is designed to help you master the art of recruiting by redirecting the tactics, techniques and strategies of the worlds best marketers. The reality is – recruiting is marketing and the best marketers USE THIS TYPE OF SYSTEM!

It’s the same marketing system that Mega Corporations like Starbucks and Target use to get and keep their customers. It’s the same system Amazon uses to crush and dominate the e-commerce market. It’s how Best Buy, Advocare and Pizza Hut have become household names.

This system works for small colleges and large universities alike. It works for teams with small budgets and million dollar programs. It works regardless of your facilities, tradition or location. This is a proven system that doesn’t require anything from you except effort! This resource is designed for anyone who is unfamiliar with The New Recruiting Models — and for those of us Recruiting veterans that need a refresher course on the foundational principles of Recruiting Millennials and the I-Generation In The New Age. You will finally have a Navigation System for Recruiting.

A defining characteristic of great coaches is that we are always looking for that edge – SO CONGRATULATIONS! You Have Hit The MOTHERLOAD!