The Complete Recruiting Solution

The 7Secondcoach Complete Recruiting Solution puts all of the pieces of recruiting puzzle together for you. 
You will:
  1. Customize your funnel process
  2. Improve conversions throughout the entire recruiting process
  3. Know the exact number to start with so you end the right number
  4. See each recruits engagement level during their recruitment
  5. Learn to write & segmentation messages for maximum engagement 
  6. Create your Perfect Athlete Profile to get the best athletes on campus
  8. and so much more.
You will never have another recruit fall through the communication cracks again, while taking back hundreds of recruiting hours a year that you can put towards family, friends and hobbies.

To build a Championship Program you have to get the RIGHT Athletes! You need them to not just show-up but STAY! That is the underlying secret to hi-performing programs – athlete consistency.

You will become an expert in the 7 Things You Need To Get Right in Recruiting. When all of these components are in place and firing on all cyclinders your recruiting efficiency and productivity will be off the charts!

If you want to know:

  1. How many athletes you need
  2. Who they should be
  3. Where to find them
  4. How to make sure they see the program appropriately 
  5. How to get them to  believe they can reach their goals
  6. Provide clarity
  7. The best way to implement new processes, programs and systems

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