Certificate Renewal

In the 2014-2015 school year the Iowa Board of Educational Examiners approved the 7SecondCoach Professional Development Video Series programs to provide renewal activities toward the renewal of the coaches authorization.

We are proud to announce that The Arizona Department of Education has also approved the 7SecondCoach Professional Development Video Series Programs to count toward teacher and coaching license renewal!

Having been a high school teacher, department chair, athletic director and  coach for almost two decades at the high school level, I know how hard it is to find the time and money for high quality professional development! That is why 7SecondCoach provides teachers and coaches a Streamlined Renewal Process that delivers proven, current and immediately actionable education, athletic and communication strategies to make you a better teacher and coach from the comfort of your own home!


Over 300 coaches have used our video series programs to renew their license since the initial launch last March. All of the courses marked “Renewal Activity” on the COURSES page will provide renewal credit for the Iowa Coaching Authorization.


Every program on the COURSES page will count toward Teacher or Coaching Re-certification in Arizona. All of the pertinent professional development information for renewal is on the Certificate of Completion.