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Coach Brandt has over 30 years of successful championship coaching at the High School, College & International levels. As a proven program turnaround specialist you will get information from turning programs around to keeping your program on Top of the Podium!

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Leggo My EGO
Building a championship level program requires a coach to have a deep level of commitment from the athletes. That commitment starts by building athletic trust. The one thing can can crush Athletic Trust fast is a coaches EGO!

For 6.99 You’re In
Ease of access is a challenge for the athletic community. Anyone can drop 6.99 on a Fox 40 Whistle and borrow a clipboard and they can become a HEAD COACH! Coaching is way more than who controls the whistle!

PT Barnum & This Years Success
The Greatest Showman WAS great but the underlying message about what it takes to be successful was even GREATER! PT Barnum can show us coaches a thing or two about running a program and what it takes to build a championship team!

7 Rules for Coaches Who Want To Be Experts
It’s important for your athletes to believe that you have the skills and knowledge to get them to the next level. Here are 7 Rules for becoming the expert in your athletes eye!

The Public Mob
There is no doubt that the athletic environment is hostile but that often is only the tip of the iceberg. When an angry parent is successful at creating the Angry Public Mob there often is no hope!

Don’t Become A Head Coach
To often the two letters HC create a mentality of isolation that send coaches into a death spiral! Maintaining the mentality of open learning like when we were all assistant coaches is crucial!

The Snowball Effect
To often coaches think that if they create an environment where their athletes FEAR massive punishment will make them perform better. Unfortunately, this coaching style actually decreases performance ability!

Is Team First Best?
Is a team first mentality in today’s age the most effective way to coach athletes? If you have 25 athletes and 1 is late but you make all 25 run – 24 TEAM MEMBERS that did it right are getting punished!

If This Never Changes – Your Not Doing Your Job
When you look at development and evaluation – there are not two more important factors when it comes to who are the starters in your program! If your starting lineup only changes due to injury – you are missing the boat!

Random Ain’t Random
Sometimes what you think is a random situation or occurance isn’t!


Something From Our Mastermind You Should Read
When you have over 200 years of coaching having a conversation about 1000’s of wins it’s best to listen!!


Have You Stepped On A Butterfly Lately
The impact and reach we have as parents, coaches, captains and teammates is often an after thought following an incident that requires us to reflect and ask ourselves – “did we handle that the right way?”

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