7SC Program Benefits

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As a former athletic director I understand the challenges you face on a daily basis. Parents, schedules, budgets, policy, facility maintenance, evaluations, meetings and so much more! The 7SecondCoach Athletic Professional Development Video Series is aimed at helping you with many of those issue. As a State Approved program for coaching authorization recertification you can have confidence that you are providing a program that has quality content and is extremely productive for your athletes, coaches and parents.

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With over 20 years on the sidelines and the mat I have dealt with everything you are facing right now! Talented kids with little motivation, parents with unrealistic expectations of their childs talent, not enough talent, not enough players, not enough money, the list could go on and on. The he 7SecondCoach Athletic Professional Development Video Series is designed to give coaches concepts, ideas, strategies and immediately actionable solutions to the issues that you are facing today.

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The influence of sport in todays society is bigger than ever. There is a monumental emphasis on being good in athletics at every age. The concept of full ride scholarships, endorsements, pro contracts and so on have entered the athletic environment at an epic pace. The push by parents to assist their athletes has risen to unforeseen levels and has many parents in unfettered waters. The 7SecondCoach Athletic Professional Development Video Series is designed to help parents navigate this new territory and ensure their athletes ability to reach their peak performance!


Over the years I have had the opportunity to coach many athletes that have achieved great levels of success. I have coached State Champions, collegiate All-Americans, professional athletes in football and MMA and every thing in between. With over 2 decades of experience in helping athletes at every level achieve success, my goal is to deliver that information to you in hopes that it will give you a boost towards reaching your goals!

Despite those and many other challenges along the way I was able to coach individuals and teams to championships at the high school and collegiate level. I discovered that when I talked less they performed better and better performance cured many of those problems we were talking about.

The 7SecondCoach Athletic Professional Development Video Series is an opportunity to hear the concepts, strategies and tactics that I used to gain over 300 Wins in my coaching career.