7SecondCoach is designed to:

1) Assist coaches in building clear and concise communication techniques, increasing practice efficiency, improving competitive production and reducing competitive stress so the athletes can compete at their peak performance level!
2) Help athletes improve their competitive production and enhance the overarching athletic environment.
3) Provide parent with the information they need to create the best environment possible for their athletes to achieve every goal they have set for themselves!

The ULTIMATE goal is to increase success and enjoyment for everyone involved in athletics. I was able to do this during my long career as a coach, educator and administrator and was asked to organize and package that information so other athletes, parents & coaches could get the same results. The information in the 7SecondCoach Athletic Professional Development Video Series are time tested strategies proven over a 27 year successful coaching career at the high school, college and international levels.

In todays society, sport might be the most highly visible hobby and profession on the planet! With upwards of 70 million youth sport athletes competing across the nation it is critical that ATHLETIC SPECIFIC education and professional development is provided to the leaders of the athletes team, schools and households. When you think about a program like this there are 4 Very Important things:

1) Convenience

I was a teacher, coach and Athletic Director and I am currently the parent of two athletes and I know that the 1 thing that is at a Premium is TIME! So we have spared no expense and creating an online platform that allows you to get the information at your convenience!

2) Credibility

Simply because you played a little or coached a youth team a couple of years or your child is a good athlete does not mean you are qualified to coach-coaches! To get REAL RESULTS you need a REAL COACH who has gotten REAL RESULTS. Coach Brandt has:

  1. Coached his athletes and teams to HIGH SCHOOL STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS!
  4. Coached Elite Level Athletes to INTERNATIONAL VICTORY!
  5. Coached – coaches at every level: DI – DII – DIII – NAIA – JUCO – High School
  6. Coach Brandt was an All-State High School Athlete and a 2 Sport College Athlete

3) Clarity

The 7SecondCoach Athletic Development Video Series delivers a No-Nonsense approach to achieving success as a coach, an athlete and as a parent when it comes to sport. “After a coaching this long and having the amount of success with the athletes and teams that I have – I give a clear picture and description of what I did. I know everyone won’t do everything and that’s O.K. – I do know that whatever a coach, athlete or parent learns and puts into action will deliver results!” – Coach Brandt

4) Cost

I know exactly what a schools education budget looks like because I used to manage them as a High School Administrator and it “ain’t” pretty! I know that parents pay for their kids to play and cleats costs 120.00 and bats costs 400.00 and the list goes on & on! That is why NO ATHLETE – NO COACH – NO PARENT & NO SCHOOL pays for this program!!!

The age old adage for coaches is – “if I can bring back 1 thing from this clinic it will be worth my time & money” – Just like coach Steward said – “the program for coaches is like going to 5 clinics & I got 5 things per clinic I could use that very same day! The fact that Coach Brandt has figured out a way to offer this to schools and coach at NO COST makes this a NO BRAINER” – Randy Steward, Head Coach-Loras College