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Thank you for coming to the 7SecondCoach SportsCast! Inside the 7SC SportsCast you will find a vast array of topics covering the important aspects of achieving peak performance as a coach, athlete, sport parent or school administrator.

Whether you are looking for information on recruiting, practice efficiency or reducing competitive anxiety you will find it here. We will have interviews and guest appearances to make sure there is something for everyone!

Why Listen To The 7SecondCoach SportsCast?

I think Coach Wooden said it best – “An expert is someone who can deliver information to another person that normally wouldn’t have that information in order to help them succeed.” The important thing to know is that EVERYONE is an EXPERT on something! Our line-up of speakers and presenters will deliver a mountain of information to help any athlete, coach or parent at any level!

The 7SecondCoach SportsCast is a resource center on steroids designed to deliver REAL coaches, REAL AD’s and REAL professionals in the field of athletics that will provide real world insights on proven tactics that will provide strategies and solutions to give you a REAL competitive advantage!

Please reach out to me at tyler@7secondcoach.com if you would like to be a presenter on the 7SecondCoach SportsCast in an area that you have expertise!


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