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Sport Parent Membership
7.00 / Month



1) You want your child to have a good experience
2) You want your child to be a starter
3) You want the coach to be fair with playing time
4) You want your child to improve technically
5) You want your child to have a chance at playing at the next level
6) You want your child to achieve their athletic goals
7) You want to do everything you can to provide the best environment for your childs success!


As a busy parent it is tough to get dinner on the table some nights! Having the time to research how to help your child become the best athlete possible is tough but what’s worse is how do you know who you should listen too? Get the RIGHT information from a REAL coach who is also a REAL SPORTS PARENT!

1) Build the best athletic environment for your child

2) Have access to research & science based strategies to help your athlete achieve their peak potentail

3) Have access to over 100 resources directed at Athletic Specific Sport Parent issues

4) Learn the REAL in & outs of college scholarships and recruiting

5) Get off of the “I don’t know how I should handle this issue hamster wheel with your athletes coach

6) Have access to custom solutions for your specific challenges

7) Learn about the Competitive Stress and how to manage it – it is THE single biggest factor in athlete performance