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Coaches Equipment Room Membership

7.00 / Month


1) Your team not is not winning as much as it should be based on the talent you have?
2) You are always having to extend practice to get everything DONE!
3) Coaching has lost some of its appeal due to “the new age of athlete and parent”
4) You are struggling to maintain your work-life-balance at home.
5) You can’t get kids to come out for your team and if they do –  you can’t keep them out?
6) You consistently have unhappy parents causing problems in your program?
7) You coach your own child & are always in a NO-WIN situation – & because of that your child is losing interest in sports!


Do what you ask your athletes to do everyday – “be coachable!” The Coach membership at 7SeocndCoach has decades of knowledge ready to pass along at your pace to help you with any situation you will face!

1) Get PROVEN coaching techniques and tactics

2) Get off the “Trial & Error” Hamster Wheel

3) Get the latest most up-to-date coaching best practcies

4) Have access to over 100 Coaching Resources (PPT-Video-Podcast)

5) Custom Program Development Requests