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This is THE 1-Stop Recruiting Shop for programs that want a proven system to find the Perfect FIT – keep control of the recruiting process – leverage technology – learn the tricks of the trade and retain the athletes you recruit. The best part is you only PAY ONCE – NOT EVERY YEAR!

Everyday I jump on the same treadmill you do – looking to find the next recruit that will tip the scales in our favor for the next season. This happens at the same time we are attempting to keep athletes eligible and out of trouble, building practice plans, fundraising, trying to have a normal family life and so much more. That is why I built the Digital Recruiting Toolkit. This project is dedicated to creating high efficiency systems for coaches that will improve their programs, athletes and provide work-life-balance. 7SecondCoach is a company that was founded on increasing efficiency to impact productivity for coaches in all sports. There are a lot of people trying to jump into this space who have never actually done our job but want us to believe they know the “best coaching practices” that will provide us the best opportunity to achieve the results we need.

My job is on the line every year just like yours! I can’t afford to use programs that are guesses at what should work! Having confidence that you have programs and systems that are being used successfully right now at the collegiate level is priceless!


1) Want to decrease the time spent recruiting but increase productivity?
2) Need to sign the athletes that you normally lose out on?
3) Want more Work-Life-Balance by becoming more efficient in practice and recruiting?
4) Need athletes that FIT your program athletically, academically & philosophically?
5) Want to learn to communicate in a style that connects with today’s athletes?
6) Need a solution that FITS your program budget?
7) Want to take your recruiting from guesswork to a Streamlined System?

Solution: The Digital Recruiting Toolkit

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The Digital Recruiting Toolkit is a collection of my 30 years of experience as a successful coach, athletic administrator, educator and my experience as a National Recruiting Coordinator.

The Digital Recruiting Toolkit is designed to streamline the recruiting process by providing you with the tools you need to use technology to connect with the current Millennial recruits and the upcoming I-Generation prospects. I will continually build Recruiting and Coaching Solutions that you can implement and see immediate results!

I have also kept the cost to a minimum because I know how tough it is to try and run a college program on the virtually NON-EXISTENT budgets we are given!

The Online College Recruiting Seminar

After multiple requests from college Athletic Directors across the country – We Did It! We built The Online College Recruiting Seminar for athletic departments across the country! So many AD’s wanted to have an expert in the field of recruiting work with their coaches but the speaking fee and the travel costs and the lodging expenses were only reasonable if ALL OF THE COACHES could be there! Well – we know that NEVER happens so 7SecondCoach stayed true to our mission and created the Online College Recruiting Seminar so every coach in the athletic department could attend the seminar on their schedule, gain the knowledge, go through the activities and benefit from outside eyes inside their program!

This is the prefect opportunity for any coach at any level at any stage in their career to infuse new energy into their recruiting efforts through cutting edge concepts, ideas & solutions! Make no mistake about it – this is not theory that has been adjusted from a sales program – this is real life recruiting coming from a real coach that is actually recruiting!

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The Complete Recruiting Game Plan

Once you have completed the Online College Recruiting Seminar you will find that this comprehensive START to FINISH system will be easy & efficient to build and implement! These recruiting tools allow you to keep the control of recruiting in your hands while guiding you through the Execution of a digitally based recruiting system that you will be able to use as long as you are coaching. Here how this system works:

  1. Step 1: The Perfect Athlete Profile – We will go through a detailed program of program and athlete identification that clarifies who you should be directing your efforts at in the recruiting process. This will absolutely increase the retention in your program and reduce the chances of you bringing in an athlete that will become troublesome!
  2. Step 2: 24 Month Recruiting Calendar & Training Manual – You are given 24 months of conversation themes and 104 weeks of topics to drive constant and consistent engagement. You also have detailed training on how to use and develop digital products for even higher levels of recruit engagement.
  3. Step 3: The Interactive Recruit Engagement System – This is a complete Digital Engagement System that is driven by the first two steps. It teaches you how to meet your recruits where they’re at! You are given a Flow Chart to follow on what to do and when to do it and even how to RE-Engage athlete that have stopped responding to you! If you follow the Flow Chart in this system you can not fail!
  4. Step 4: The 7SC OnBoarding System – One of the big challenges that I am always being asked about is RETENTION! There are multiple factors for poor retention, but if you follow steps 1-3 intentionally and  thoroughly, retention shouldn’t be a problem. However, some recruits still slip through the cracks so we developed an OnBoarding System to eliminate the feeling that th. This is for Freshman and transfers that are new to campus to fast track their assimilation onto campus and on to your team. This program has been MASSIVELY successful across the country!

The Perfect Athlete Profile


I know how important “The Next Recruit” is to your program and that is exactly why GUESSING or HOPING an athlete will fit into your program just isn’t good enough anymore! Using the old system of “Credentials” is only ONE of the indicators of success at the next level.

The Perfect Athlete Profile System uses a data driven approach to creating a repeatable system of evaluation early in the recruiting process so you and your staff know exactly where to direct your recruiting efforts!

Using this tool increases your chance that your Next Recruit will be The Perfect Fit! Every athlete that FITS has better retention, buy-in, leadership and ultimately more competitive success. You will begin the process of building a sustainable program that becomes a national level contender year after year!

Remember – if it were ONLY about money no athlete would ever DE-COMMIT! There is a lot more that goes into putting the right athlete on your campus and this will help you do it!

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24 Month Recruiting Calendar & Training Manual

24 Month Book Cover

This is a comprehensive and complete communication sequence guide for digitally engaging Millennials & the I-Generation for a full 24 months.

If you’re looking to make recruiting easier?
If you’re looking to reduce your budget on recruiting tools & outsourcing?
If you’re looking to sign recruits earlier?
If you’re looking to implement a recruiting system?


You Get:

  • 2 – 1 Hour virtual coaching sessions with Coach Brandt
  • The 24 Month Recruiting Calendar & Training Manual
  • 24 monthly themes for digital content
  • 104 weeks of suggested digital content
  • Tips on how to set-up and drive your digital content for free
  • Tips on how to effectively drive digital communication content
  • 6 month communication sequence driving recruits to sign early

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Interactive Recruit Conversion System

IRCS Flow Chart

This is an online course that delivers step-by-step instruction on how to use the Interactive Recruit Conversion System to connect with Millennials and I-Generation recruits. You get a simple to follow Flow Chart to walk you through every step and the technology on engaging and re-engaging the athletes you identify as a FIT and draw into your funnel. You will learn the 8 Step Marketing System that will FILL your funnel and then FILTER your funnel placing laser focused athletes for your program directly on your doorstep!


1) Use the same proven marketing techniques and principles that Mega Companies use to get & keep their customers
2) Implement a system that reduces your workload and automates your workflow
3) Meet Millennial and I-Generation athletes where they’re at using technology to connect with them
4) Build relationships faster & stronger by using interactive techniques that resonate with the younger generations
6) 2.5 Hours of Video based instructional modules on streamlining and systematizing your recruiting processes
7) Schedule 2 Virtual Coaches Meetings with Coach Brandt to Onboard this system into your program

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The New Recruit OnBoarding System

7SecondOnboardingThe first semester for a new student-athlete on campus will set their entire entire college experience on a path of success or failure. HOPING that all of the new student-athletes assimilate immediately upon their arrival – on their own – is a pipe dream that has your programs, as well as, your careers longevity at stake.

As coaches we create a game plan or process for everything we do but to often we leave one of the most important aspects of a new student-athletes success to chance: – THE START OF THEIR FIRST YEAR OF COLLEGE!

The student-athletes Freshman year of college is often the very first time these athletes have ever been on their own and had the opportunity to make their own choices based on what they want, like or think they should be doing! We have all experienced the athlete that we never thought would become ineligible or get in legal trouble or simply just leave the program. Now you don’t have to worry about that anymore with the 7SecondCoach New Recruit OnBoarding System.

This is a DONE FOR YOU Onboarding System that will:

  • Improve comfortability
  • Increase engagement
  • Build athletic trust
  • Instill program alignment
  • Create stronger connections
  • Open better lines of communication
  • Improve Retention

Ensure your student-athletes success for their ENTIRE college experience by making sure they start off on the right foot!

The more involved you are with their success – the more they want you involved in their success!

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The Ultimate Recruiting System Combo

Interactive Recruiting Conversion System + 24 Month Recruiting Calendar & Training Manual

dollar100-8Combine two of the most powerful recruiting systems to get THE MOST POWERFUL recruiting system at a huge discount!

Put the power of experience & technology into your recruiting system and get the athletes that you have always wanted into your program!

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