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1) Do you want to go from being a bench player to a starter?
2) Do you want to play in college but don’t know where to start?
3) Do you want to be the most recruitable athlete possible to earn an athletic scholarship?
4) Would you like to be an effective Team Captain?
5) Are you curious about what college coaches really are really looking for?
6) Would you like to have the secret sauce to becoming the best athlete you can?
7) Are you looking for a place to get the RIGHT information on how to advance your athletic career?


Athletes can solve the challenges above and more by  getting the RIGHT information that will actually give them the opportunity to truly overcome these issues. To often athletes get second & third hand heresay that is someones BEST GUESS about how they think things should be.

Getting the RIGHT information from a REAL college coach who spends everyday recruiting athletes, talking to coaches about recruiting their athletes and coaching athletes on becoming leaders is how you get to the next level!

1) Get information from a real coach that is not biased

2) Learn what college coaches are looking for FROM a college coach

3) Have access to over 100 resources that will make you a better athlete TODAY

4) Acquire the LEADERSHIP knowledge that every college coach wants you to being to their program

5) Gain access to coach Brandt for specific webinars and custom programs

6) Stop trying to figure out if what you found on the internet is true – get that information from a REAL coach

7) Finally find the real answers to all of your real questions – everyone of them!


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Learn to Lead – An Athletic Leadership Course

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