In today’s 7SecondCoach SportsCast on the Wednesday Lunch & Learn we are going to discuss The Perfect Storm! I am referring to the movie where 3 individual storm cells converged on each other and created a SuperStorm that was referred to as The Perfect Storm. This storm was unique in that as the 3 separate storms started to merge they fueled and gave energy to each other ultimately making the The Perfect Storm so devastating that it destroyed everything in it’s path. That is exactly what we have going on in athletics today! I will discuss what I believe are the “Three Storm Cells” that are converging and merging to create The Perfect Storm in athletics that is destroying environments and leaving millions of athletes in it’s Wake. Today’s forecast is The Boost!

Lunch & Learn Wednesday at 7SecondCoach Headquarters is dedicated to providing insights and solutions into the hard topics that coaches don’t often address in their programs. I have been tagged as the “Instigational Speaker” by forcing athletes, coaches and parents to look at and and deal with the tough aspects of their sport, their program and their athlete. These topics might be tough and the content even tougher but remember that the goal is to be our best for our athletes – even if it hurts a little!

I remember using my lunch and prep periods as a teacher & coach during my career as a high school coach as an opportunity to advance myself personally, in peace at my desk. My goal was to find something that would make me a better coach that day so that I could help my athletes be the best they could possibly be! Each week we try and give immediately actionable content that coaches, athletes and parents can take to practice that very same day and make significant and noticeable progress! I hope that is exactly what is happening for you through the 7SecondCoach Lunch & Learn Sports Cast!

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