For years we have been working with coaches on a different type of training concept called Reversion Training. Because it was very different than the “old School” way if preparing athletes many coaches looked at it and said – “we are good with what the way we are doing things” and continued to do things the same way they’ve always done them. To be fair – there really isn’t anything wrong with using something that has been successful, the real question to ask is “am I preparing my athletes the most productive and efficient way to get the best results AT ALL TIMES!”

We have hit an unprecedented time in our history. Schools are closing, sport seasons are ending and athletes careers are over with some of them NEVER reaching their dreams. The most unfortunate aspect is that most coaches and athletic directors are trying to make the best of a bad situation instead of preparing for it ahead of time. I know that many will say :how in the word we have known to prepare for something this drastic” and the answer is you would have never been able to. BUT – it is possible and we presented it to many many coaches, to prepare for training and developing athletes using technology and foresight.

By using the concept of Reversion Training, a coach REVERSES the time and place that the coach teaches the technical aspects of a move or series so that when it is time to practice thats what you do – practice and not teach. This also places the ownership of learning and sport specific IQ on the athlete, giving the coach another layer of “this is why these kids are starters and get the most play time. This educational technique meets the student athlete where they are at 85% of the time anyway as well as teaches them in the method that they are most used to. 

Knowing that future events could create a scenario just like or similar to the one we are facing right now, it is crucial to create a technological environment that allows your athletes to learn and develop no matter what the scenario is that you face as a team.

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