In today’s 7SecondCoach Sports Cast Wednesday Lunch & Learn we are going to tackle where conflict usually takes root in athletes: TO & FOR. To often the stakeholders in athletics have an unclear perspective of who is responsible for what things. When everyone has clarity on who is responsible FOR what and to whom the stakeholders are responsible TO a vast majority of the challenges will take care of themselves. This will also eliminate the stress that athletes, coaches and parents often have when worrying about things like play time, college scholarships and starting positions.

Lunch & Learn Wednesday at 7SecondCoach Headquarters is dedicated to providing insights and solutions into the hard topics that coaches don’t often address in their programs. I have been tagged as the “Instigational Speaker” by forcing athletes, coaches and parents to look at and and deal with the tough aspects of their sport, their program and their athlete.

I remember using my lunch period as a teacher & coach during my career as a high school coach as an opportunity to advance myself personally, in peace at my desk, and I hope that is exactly what is happening for you through the 7SecondCoach Sports Cast!!

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