In today’s 7SecondCoach Sports Cast Wednesday Lunch & Learn I am going to do a movie review that revels how P.T. Barnum Is Your Ticket To Success in 2018. There is no doubt that this Blog, Podcast & Video could be the answer to your programs programs prayers in 2018! I sat in this movie completely mesmerized by the parallel universes that ran between P.T. Barnum’s life and the life of a coach! I can not wait for you to read, hear or watch this!

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P.T. Barnum Is Your Ticket To Success in 2018

I had the pleasure of going to see a movie with my wife while she was on break and it was not just entertaining but also enlightening. The movie the “The Greatest Showman” wasn’t just about the rise of the Greatest Show on Earth but about the drive for success being an internal fire alarm that never turns off! There were literally hundreds of messages for coaches, athletes, parents and entrepreneurs that would skyrocket your success but I am going to discuss three of them.

#1 – The Rich Guy Who Had It All – Kinda

  • In this story, P.T. Barnum was shown a playwright who was very successful but
    incredibly empty and unhappy. When Barnum went to Phillip Carlyle (the playwright) to
    ask him to join his Circus, he refused because he was comfortable with his money and
    his place. As fate would have it he eventually joined with Barnum and in the end told him
    how his life had been transformed because he took a chance on breaking free from the
    Norm to grow and learn from P.T. Barnum.

#2 – The Theater Critic

  • James Gordon Bennett was a theater critic who chose to write about the Original P.T.
    Barnum Circus which was really a show of the macabre. The original show featured the
    bearded woman, dog boy, the 500 lb man and many more. This critic wrote relentlessly
    about how this was a fake and terrible show. In the end he would admit that his own bias
    and ego regarding what theater should be kept him from seeing what P.T. Barnums show
    really was, a blend of humanity showing that everyone has worth.

#3 – Phineas Taylor Barnum
– There are more than two important takeaways but that is all I have time for.

  • #1 – P.T. Barnum was a visionary! That is important because early on it was his vision
    that led him not his EGO! He looked for answers, he asked for suggestions and most
    notably he listened to and acted on his 10 year old daughters advice which launched the
    Circus into success.
  • #2 – P.T. Barnum almost lost it all because he let his EGO drive his answers! He
    became rich and successful and then forgot that he became that way because of those
    around him. He made terrible business deals and decisions because it was about his
    EGO not the results. Once he had lost it all: the circus – the money – his wife & his kids –
    he was reminded of the person that used to be open and listen and take other peoples
    advice. Once he became that man again he earned it all back!

This story is so important for coaches because it has so many of the storylines that we face everyday! So many coaches are trying to win-it-all against what seems like insurmountable odds and we get blasted in the paper and then we let our ego get in the way and everything gets worse! Once we get our minds wrapped around getting good people around us, not worrying about what the critics say and that we always need to be coached – success is literally just around the corner!

I will wrap this up by saying that I hope you have a great 2018 and that you need to get out and see The Greatest Showman as fast as you possible can!


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