It is not a new thought or idea that athletics has reached a tipping point in our country (maybe the world) but the free market is every revealing in just how big. Some sources put youth sports participation at nearly 70K athletes. Seemingly every week there is a story or video of a crazy coach, parent or athlete committing some type of illegal or unsportsmanlike act. For years I have been speaking, doing seminars and coaching at clinics on the need to adjust how we connect, engage and inspire our youth athletes and NOW the NFHS is jumping on board.

The NFHS just posted an article that has renowned author Stu Schaefer and former NBA player Earl Boykins talking about the need to adapt how we communicate with the athletes of today. I say better late than never. It is great that they are validating the coaching and communication techniques that 7SecondCoach has been teaching to coaches in all sports for such a long time.

Stu Schaefer stated in the article that “coaches have every little time to give feedback in practice and even less time to give feedback during a game.” Stu is absolutely right and any coach who has been on the sideline during a game or practice knows how disruptive it is to try and re-teach a technique or strategy on the spot. In practice you destroy pace and impact the amount of learning that the rest of the team receives and in competition all your doing is raising the levels of competitive stress which increases mistakes! Earl Boykins mentioned in the article that “the things we do in practice make the games easier” Albeit that is seemingly an easier soundbite to digest, it only makes competition easier if the athletes actually learned what was taught well enough to recall it.

These statements validate that the 7SecondCoach model for communication in coaching is the best way to get the very best version of yourself as a coach prepared to get the very best version of your athletes into competition! Using communication techniques that reach the athletes where they’re at combined with using the science of learning to design the best practices for maximum learning and recall will elevate your athletes and team faster than you could ever have imagined.

Outside of the NFHS, the athletic “self-help” market is seeing an explosion in the number of “experts” that are entering the space. I see more and more people that have never coached, never recruited, never dealt with an NGB, only coached clubs and even have LOSING RECORDS claiming to be “EXPERTS” simply because of how big the free market need is in athletics. This simply shows that the need for Best Practices in coaching and athletic communication to get athletes to their peak performance levels are real. So real in fact that people are willing to listen to a person who has never coached tell them how to coach. The flip side of that equation is that there are so many people in the coaching space that as soon as they get a whistle they “become experts.” Unfortunately – these coaches are also in need of “expert” coaching knowledge but because they are already and expert (they have the whistle) they don’t seek out a mentor or coach.

The free market is telling all of us that the “athletic self-help” industry is in desperate need of REAL experts that have REAL solutions that have been REALLY successful and have REAL experience with REAL athletic situations. If you would like to talk with a REAL coach about REAL solutions for your athlete(s) or your team, reach out so we can work on finding the REAL answers you need to become the best version of yourself as a coach to get the best version of your athletes into competition!