No matter what we do, there is a tool out there that somebody has created to make the job we are attempting to accomplish more efficient or more productive! Coaching is no different. We do face a challenge in that we have to understand the challenge so that we can get the right tool that will help us out the most. Frank Martin, the coach of the Final 4 bound South Carolina Gamecocks has burned his way into the mainstream media with a great team and a viral meme that speaks to this topic!

We will take a deep dive into the concept of where kids are really at and what is going on with millennials and I-Gens that is making it tougher and tougher to connect with them. Just like any challenge there are two sides to the issue and we will explore both of them. Remember that the goal is to get the results that you and your athletes are striving for and to get those results more often than not you need to get the Right Tools For The Job!