With all of the technology today – every thing we get has “System Requirements” in order to use a device to it’s full potential! Like it or not that is the exact same situation athletes, coaches, parents and administrators are in!

I ask that question because early in my career as a coach I often came across problems and would try and use MY OWN BRAIN in an attempt to fix it. The challenge was I rarely had the system requirements to optimally attack the challenge that I or my team was facing. Unfortunately, we never get that awesome instructional manual that explains how to address the challenges that we face on a daily basis as coaches. What’s interesting is thinking about what happens when you try to download a new program to your computer and your computer rejects it because you don’t have the right system requirements. You get that pop-up screen alerting you to the problem – don’t you wish we would get that as coaches!

This is a great analogy for our teams and relationships because if we have not updated our “System Requirements” to meet the needs of our team and our athletes we will not have an optimally functioning program. Just like our devices we will be able to use them but won’t have all of the functionality and ultimately the devices will be less useful! That’s when the real problem rears it’s ugly head – Rationalization! The 2 biggest issues we usually face is that we rationalize that “WE” have the right “System Requirements” and that “THEY” have to adjust their operating systems!

As the lady said to her friend that was taping pictures to her living room wall and thinking it was like Pinterest – “It doesn’t work like that!” Rationalizing that outdated philosophies and systems will work in today’s world is simply being dishonest with yourself. You know it too! Let me ask you this question – “would you be willing to put LEADED gasoline in the current car you are driving today?” I know you answered NO to that question because it would ruin your engine. The big question is – WHY? The EPA and Auto industry updated their engines to NOT USE leaded gasoline anymore. Car engines are a system and their system requirements have been updated – and we were FORCED to upgrade to better running more efficient cars.

Do you find yourself know that you need but are actually resisting the “System Update” by saying things like: “I’m Old School” or “it’s worked for this long” or “these athletes just don’t get it.” It is impossible to update pieces and parts of your program to improve productivity, efficiency, connection and engagement if you haven’t updated your base system to ensure that these changes will work. One of the best pieces of advice I was given 27 years ago was – “never think your broken when things don’t work – remember that everything in coaching can be fixed if your willing too!”

If you are looking to change the outcomes of your program on a consistent basis the inconvenient truth is that you are going to have to update your system requirements! If you would like to discuss how to update your communication strategies, practice efficiency and competitive production reach out via email and lets talk systems!