Months ago I started talking with a recruit from a state far far away, and as those general conversations grew into probing conversations on both ends I decided to take a trip to see him compete. Knowing that I was going out to the state tournament I did two things that every coach & athlete need to know!

Athletes: You’re Always On!
I watched athletes warm-up and they’re behavior right after the competition. How you compete is only a part of your package. I even looked for our top recruits in the stands to see their non-match demeanor.
**In one match there was an athlete that we were looking at that lost a close match on a controversial call. His demeanor wasn’t ideal but it wasn’t terrible – BUT – he made an effort to go out of his way to bump into his opponent and knock him into a table – he immediately came off our recruiting board!

Coaches: Respond To Your Emails
I sent out an email to coaches letting them know that I would be at the state tournament. Why a coach would not respond is beyond me but I had way more coaches NOIT respond to my request for their seniors and top athletes. The result is that many kids that may be high quality didn’t get an opportunity to be offered our 20,000.00 scholarship.
** One coach reached out and said he had two remarkable young men that he felt would be great additions to a program at the next level. I made sure to position myself front and center when they competed and found two young men that are absolute game changers! These two athletes are now looking at 20,000.00 scholarships and the opportunity to compete at the next level!!

Now for a side note for athletes that is really important:
I discovered multiple NEW prospects by watching the recruits I came to see. That means no matter when you compete, big stage or little event – you never know when someone will be there to see what you do and WHO you are! Understand that college coaches are watching way more then just what happens during the whistles. Your bench demeanor, post failure actions, communication level with the coach and your teammates, there are so many thing other than your talent level that are important.

Now for a side note for coaches that is really important:
Know The Process & The Levels! I had some great conversations this weekend with coaches who were thankful to get information on how the recruiting process actually worked and the difference between the levels of competition in college. Unfortunately the only level really getting any press is DI which has some of the fewest athletes in most sports. There are incredible opportunities outside of the glitz and glamour of DI TV sports! The experience and education is often as good if not better. Know your athletes and know the levels so you can place them in the best environment possible so they have the most success possible!

Last Note: I did a home visit while I was on this recruiting trip and that is truly where the rubber meets the road! Get into the homes of your athletes – that is where you learn WHO they are. You see the pictures on the wall, if their dogs are trained, if they take out the trash and so on. The home visit is for you and the campus visit is for them. I know you cant visit them all but you need to get into the homes of your top recruits!!

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