7SecondCoach Campus Workshops

Coach Brandt is nationally recognized  speaker and renown expert innovator in the coaching profession. With over two decades of experience as a coach at the most elite levels his workshops provide coaches with proven strategies, concepts and solutions that can be put to immediate use for improving their athletes and programs. “Make no mistake about it- EVERY PROGRAM that has brought coach Brandt to campus has had immediate and measurable results in efficiency and productivity in practice, competition and recruiting!” – Hall of Fame Wrestling Coach – Randt Steward

Adversity Into Opportunity Creating A Winning Culture Mindset

  • High energy hybrid video presentation
  • Connects Actions to Commitment
  • Defines Doers & Doubters
  • Requires Self-Introspection on Personal Attitude and Leadership Attributes
  • Develop a Team Covenant vs Social Contracts
  • Turn Your Athletes in Raving Fans of Your Program
  • Watch the Recruits Flock to Your Program!

Reduce The Learning CurveCreating Immediate Impact Recruits

  • Define the appropriate program concepts to drill down into the right brand
  • Learn to use the brand to drive all recruiting conversations
  • Design the most effective Flow-Process to get the right athletes
  • Learn how to get early commitments using the Flow-Process
  • Learn How to Do The Right Thing at THE RIGHT TIME!!
  • Build your Non-Negotiable Traits that Drive Everything in Your Program
  • Assimilate these coaching processes and tactics into your recruiting plan 

The Ultimate Coaching ManualBecome the Most Effective and Productive Coach Possible

  • Optimize Your Coaching Talent by Developing Your Communication Skills
  • Become Good at THEM – Your Already Good At YOU!!
  • Build the Non-Negotiable Traits that Drive Everything in Your Program
  • Create fundamental techniques based on Non-Negotiable Action Items
  • Build your :60 Practice Lessons & Define your :07 Coaching Terms
  • Use this system to drive communication during the recruiting process
  • Never miss another Superstar Contributor Again!!
  • Have the Manual that will drive the rest of your career!

The Most Important Seminar Ever!  Become an Expert at Reducing and Eliminating Competitive Anxiety

  • Are you driving the anxiety of your athletes higher?
  • Are your athletes different than you?
  • What is Competitive Anxiety and what does it do?
  • The 7 Best Ways to Eliminate Competitive Stress!
  • Building Your Action Plan for Implementation!