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  • 34 year Veteran Coach: Football, Wrestling, Track & Field
  • High School State Champions & Championships
  • Collegiate All-Americans, Nationally Ranked Teams & Rectuiting Classes
  • International Wrestling Success
  • Professional Coaching Success In The UFC & Bellator
  • Award Winning Certified High School Teacher for 18 years
  • Successful High School Athletic Director
  • Over 650 Total Wins

Digital Recrtuiting Toolkit

Programming that will advance & improve any college programs recruiting efforts

CoachingPhD Membership

Membership based professional development for coaches at all levels

CoachingPhD - College Edition

Coaching professional development combined with recruiting programs

Teacher License Renewal

Earn Teacher License  Renewal Credit using the CoachingPhD Membership

Ala Cart Programming

Select from any of the programs & customize a coaching or recruiting education plan

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Randy Steward - Hall of Fame Inductee: 2016

Coach Brandt delivers NO-NONSENSE, straightforward and easy to implement coaching techniques & tactics that allow coaches who are ready to go to work the opportunity to TAKE-OVER! There is no doubt that his concepts, ideas and solutions have had an impact on the success I have had as a coach in my career. If you coach – you should be getting coached by Coach Brandt!

Steven Lewis - P.E. Teacher & Basketball Coach

I have been a teacher and a coach for a long time and it is a REAL STRUGGLE to find programs that focus on helping me be a better coach that are compatible with Renewing My Teaching License! I wasn’t sure what to expect with this “NEW” program but since I have had the opportunity to dig into the content I couldn’t be more happy. Once I got into the content I knew that this was a great decision! In my world this is an A+ and a Slam Dunk!

Aldo Meza - Head Wrestling Coach

I took a job at a school known for LOSING! I was excited but very scared. I knew I knew wrestling but needed to be coached up on my coaching communication skills and my program development tactics. Since meeting coach Brandt I have coached kids all the way from State Championships to Olympic Medals! He gets what coached need because he’s one of us and that means you should be getting coached by Coach Brandt!

From day one as a college coach I have been working with coach Brandt. He has mentored me on everything from peaking & periodization to recruiting. The huge steps that my team has taken to get to where it is as today has coach Brandt’s fingerprints all over it! If you coach or recruit or both I cannot impress upon you enough that you should be getting coached by Coach Brandt!


They wouldn’t have hired me if they didn’t think I could do the job! Why would I need to get “coached” by coach Brandt?

Why do high school athletes that go to college get coached up? They get recruited and given a scholarship because the coach “knows they are talented and can do the job.” The caveat is that to continue to perform at higher and higher levels of success you can never stay at the same level – EVERYONE needs to be coached up!

What does coach Brandt mean by “athletic communication?”

The way coaches communicate in practice effects the pace of practice and the efficiency of communication in competition. When a coach learns how to maximize their “athletic communication” they ALWAYS see a huge jump in effective competitive production.

What does “athletic systems” development mean?

Coach Brandt believes that the most effective way to coach athletes is with what THE COACH KNOWS BEST! The  you take that person al knowledge and create progressive techniques and tactics that are scaffolded. That maximizes practice time and helps the athlete learn everything at a deeper level so that competitive execution is improved. Better athlete execution = competitive advantage!

How does 7SecondCoach help college coaches recruit?

Coach Brandt has taken his actual college recruiting experience and combined that with his direct education from his time as the National Recruiting Coordinator at a top college recruiting consulting company to build the most effective recruiting resources available. There is no substitute for REAL experience in recruiting. You get a REAL coach that has REALLY recruited coaching you on how to recruit the best athletes to your program!

Whats the benefit of a Membership Style Teacher License Renewal Program?

No Papers – No Quizzes – No Tests!! You save time and you have a built in Teacher License Renewal Management System. You only need to spend 1.5 hours A MONTH to get the Renewal Credit!

What does Coaching PhD offer that other coaching programs don’t?

Coaching PhD is hyper-focused on creating EXPERT athletic communicators and helping coaches become Masters at System Development! We don’t teach you the techniques – You Are Already The Expert In That Area! Coaching PhD is a Masterclass for creating great cultures that allow coaches to eliminate communication confusion so their athletes can learn and execute at their Highest Potential!

Are these programs designed for specific sports?

All of the programming is NON-sport specific. 7SecondCoach specializes in working with coaches to increase efficiency and improve competition production through language science and REAL coaches that have exoprienced REAL success!

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