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A Membership Platform Designed to Renew Teaching Licenses with coaching content focused on creating experts in athletic communication and performance systems!

  • 1.5 Hours of Content Per Month
  • Self-Paced Content With E-Books
  • Watch Videos & Powerpoint Presentations
  • No Tests – No Papers – No Quizzes
  • Real Strategies From a Real Coach

5 Years of content

Simple, Affordable & Convenient professional Development that will make you a better coach and Renew Your Teaching License All At The Same Time!

Year 1

Coaching Mastery & Culture Building

Year 2

Athletic Systems & Competitive Production

Year 3

Coach Effectiveness Training Program


Year 4

10 Point Turnaround Program

Year 5

Components of Championship Athletes

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Never Fall Behind On Your Renewal Again


Never Cram for Credits at the End


Never LOSE FAMILY TIME Because of Renewal Courses


Never OVER-SPEND On Teacher Renewal Courses Again


State of Iowa Approved

Complete the monthly content and get your Renewal Credit from the AEA! All you have to do is consume the information on your time – No Tests – No Quizzes – No Papers!!

Online Teacher License Renewal & Coaching Professional Development

Get expert information on athletic communication and performance systems that will immediately improve your team – AND RENEW YOUR TEACHING LICENSE!


Create Voluntary Buy-In


Get More Reps At Practice


Build More Confidence in Your Athletes


Build Athletic Trust Throughout the Program


Randy Steward - Hall of Fame Inductee: 2016

Coach Brandt delivers NO-NONSENSE, straightforward and easy to implement coaching techniques & tactics that allow coaches who are ready to go to work the opportunity to TAKE-OVER!

Lyndsey Jackson - High School English & Head Softball Coach

I have been a teacher and a coach for 10 years and it is a REAL STRUGGLE to find programs that focus on helping me be a better coach that are compatible with Renewing My Teaching License! I have taken enough classroom management classes to last a lifetime! I was so excited when I saw the 7SecondCoach Teacher License Renewal Opportunity AND I was even more excited once I got into the content! In my world this is an A+ and a Homerun!

Conner Lightfoot - Head Football Coach

I took a job at a school known for LOSING! I was excited but very scared. I remembered listening to a seminar at a National Coaching Conference that coach Brandt spoke at about his 10 Pt. Turnaround Program. I reached out and got that program. I implemented it exactly like he coached me to do and in 2 years we went from Worst to First! He gets it because he’s one of us!


Why would I need a Membership to Renew My Teaching License?

With the technology that our Learning Management System has we can document that you have consumed the content within the course. Because of that you do not need to write papers or take tests or quizzes. This also allows you to save time by doing a small amount each month versus a whole class in a few days!

Whats the benefit of a Membership Style Teacher License Renewal Program?

No Papers – No Quizzes – No Tests!! You save time and you have a built in Teacher License Renewal Management System. You only need to spend 1.5 hours A MONTH to get the Renewal Credit!

What are the restrictions of this program?

The only restrictions are that you have to watch the videos and Powerpoint presentations in each month to get access to the next month. That’s It!

How much outside “homework” is required?

That is the beauty of this membership – the videos and the Powerpoint presentations are the instruction and the homework! You will not have to write any papers, take any quizzes or pass any tests! You are provided with E-Books, worksheets and resources that will help with note taking and implementation.

I am already the Coach - Why do I need to a membership on how to Coach?

Every great coach in every sport has always said the same thing: “If you don’t think you need to learn – I don’t think you should still be coaching!” There is never a time that any coach should ever stop growing their knowledge or advancing their skills. 

What does Coaching PhD offer that other coaching programs don’t?

Coaching PhD is hyper-focused on creating EXPERT athletic communicators and helping coaches become Masters at System Development! We don’t teach you the techniques – You Are Already The Expert In That Area! Coaching PhD is a Masterclass for creating great cultures that allow coaches to eliminate communication confusion so their athletes can learn and execute at their Highest Potential!

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If you do not believe that Coaching PhD will be the easiest path to Teacher License Renewal are that you did not learn anything valuable in you 1st 30 days that will make you a better coach we will refund your money and cancel your membership!


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